This is a notebook of photos and words. Some poetry, some fiction, some real life.

Thanksgiving Weekend, 2011


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Driving again to the same spot along the E. C. Row in Windsor. A little earlier. A fall morning, the mist just beginning to rise, and the clouds moving in, the hues stunning. Also included here in the post are two other photos that I took yesterday: windmills in Essex, Ontario, something the Liberal Government was behind, and time will tell whether it was a wise decision, and church windows of an Anglican church in Cottam Ontario, and a third picture of a cup and a geranium in a window of that same church. Beautiful fall weekend, thanksgiving, 2011. Two days spent driving through the flat lands of Essex County. So many people complain about its flatness, the boring landscape, but to me, it’s beautiful. Sam Abell, the legendary National Geographic photographer, identifies with this, having grown up in Ohio where the landscape is very similar. He says there is a purity in that horizontal line that runs through most of his photographs, and its roots are in having lived in an area where the land stretches out for miles and where one’s vision is broad and reaching.


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